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Institutions Solutions

Institutions, like national and local governments, nonprofit organizations, educational institutions, healthcare providers, religious organizations and professional organizations, use our data in target marketing. We help them increase the base of their members, donors, customers, and other stakeholders.

Government – National and Local Solutions

  • Do you want to know who is who in a local or national government in Africa?
  • Do you want to know contact information of key decision makers in key government departments?

Many of our customers depend on us in providing integral data to key decision makers and influencers at all levels of government in Africa.

Nonprofit Solutions

  • We help nonprofit organizations increase donor acquisition and retention through full service integrated marketing solutions including online donor programs, merge optimization, list brokerage and management, advanced analytics and list fulfillment.
  • AfriForceData provides a list of all NGOs profiles and contacts in Africa thereby establishing partnerships and engagement opportunities domestically or internationally.

Healthcare Solutions

  • Do you want to know the best hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, dental practices or doctors in Africa?
  • Do you want a list of all distinguished health institutions and professionals like physicians, dentists or nurses?
  • Do you want to be in involved in skills exchange programs with esteemed African diaspora healthcare professionals?

Many of our customers use our data to target specific groups of professionals within the healthcare and enhance their sales and marketing performance for business at all levels.

Educational Solutions

We provide the following services for the educational industry and their customers:

  • We assist them target large donors and past alumni in executive level positions to increase donations and funding of various programs through corporate sponsorship.
  • We promote campus events, new educational opportunities, and general brand awareness.
  • We use custom demographic data to target and attract potential students to MBA programs, specialized classes, certification programs and recruiting events through direct mail or email.
  • We provide comprehensive list of the educational institutions and academic professionals like teachers, tutors and professors, and other education executives.

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