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Our Data

Data Sources

Data is only as good as its breadth and accuracy, which is why AfriForceData uses multiple sources to deliver the most comprehensive, most accurate and real-time data of over millions of records of data across Africa. Every day new businesses open, existing businesses change locations or change contact information, and eventually, some businesses close entirely. The data we provide is continually maintained to keep information up-to-date for our customers.

Our data is fed into our database from various reliable sources: our data partners, phone research, government sources, web monitoring and direct feeds from merchants, in order to compile the most comprehensive dataset for a company and institutional profiles and contacts in Africa. We combine strategic partnerships and on-the-ground data specialists to stay ahead of the curve even in digitally challenged regions across the continent.

Inaccurate data quality costs companies worldwide billions per year, so you can’t afford anything less than the most accurate data.

We have data quality with a human touch

  • Data Specialists are available for each African country to maintain the accuracy of the data.
  • We employ student interns and many young people in Africa to keep data accurate. It also helps student interns to get professional experience.
  • Our virtual call center data specialists verify every record by phone, making millions of calls a year.

Customized Data

Let’s be honest: You don’t have time to google/browse through data that you don’t need. AfriForceData keeps our clients in control. Choose the data you want and hide the data you don’t and export to excel.

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