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Brighton Munjoma

Brighton Munjoma

Brighton is the founder of AfriForceData, the parent company of AfriForceData Learning where he is the Senior Instructor for stocks and options trading. He runs analysis in the trading room, teaches classes and webinars, and writes on a weekly basis. His primary focus is on trend-following, directional strategies via options trading, though he trades stocks and ETFs as well.

Brighton is not from a wealthy family; he acquired his skillset through professional education and mentorship. His passion is to impact the lives of the poor middle class and minority groups who have limited knowledge of how financial markets work. Brighton believes practical knowledge of how financial markets operate especially understanding how huge institutional investors invest, will change the lives of the poor middle class and minority groups. His training program is designed to help them grasp the basics that make trading simpler – no matter your background.

He is already teaching this skillset to young people in Africa where unemployment rates are high.

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